Friday, 25 January 2013


... My Kids

Could it be the fast-approaching St Valentine's Day that has got me talking about love?  It could.  But not necessarily.

Here is the first installment in a New Series of  'Things I Love' things.

This time on the subject of my kids.

Oh yes, here I go a'sharing...

Friday, 18 January 2013

SNOW IS FALLING...ALL AROUND US...CHILDREN PLAYING...HAVING FUN... in the case of Child No.3 - Smashing their Hands in Iron Gates and Spending the Rest of the Day with a Cold Compress and a Calpol Drip 

It is snowing.
Quite a lot.

We had some snowfall on Monday too.  Enough to excite The Dog beyond all reason.  She was bouncing around in the couple of inches of snow like a spring lamb - then she'd bundle in the house and bounce around some more, stopping every once in a while to fix me with her 'have you not seen what is out there?! Bounce woman!!' look.

There was sufficient white stuff around to warrant leaving the car behind and walking No.3 to school.  It's quite a stretch (half an hour each way at a good pace) but I feel sooo virtuous when I get home.
Right up until I stuff my silly face with Dairy Milk.

It's for energy, you understand

Monday, 14 January 2013


...And Nothing at all to do with Wallace and Gromit

I spent the whole day today wearing a pair of trousers that were quite different to the ones I thought  I had on.

I was quite unsettled when I realised.

I will have an early night and hope to put the whole sorry episode behind me.