Thursday, 31 May 2012


Another mug photo.  I like mugs.
Best Beloved needed to be taken to  hospital the other day for a Procedure (least said, soonest mended) so I had to wait in the hospital cafe until he was ready to be driven home.

Finding the cafe was easy enough.  Locating the Way In, however, was like a Krypton Factor Aptitude Test.
But find it I did, and I purchased a small Cappucino to celebrate.

I had a bag full of books to while away the hours - covering everything from World War II to the Second World War - and, I'm very glad to say, a notebook and pen.

But why so glad about the notebook and pen? I hear you cry.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Something terrible happened.  Today I stole some Reading Glasses.
O.M.G (as teenagers and other cool types are wont to type).

But it was an accident, Your Honour, honestly!

I was standing in the (long) queue at the Pharmacists, expecting to collect a prescription, idly trying on the reading glasses when I realised,


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ikea - Swedish for 'Fickle'?

It's okay everyone!  It's all o-kay.

Yep, me and Ikea are back 'on'.  Reunited and fully loved-up.  (Actually I think it may be rather more one-sided than that).

In true Viking spirit, Best Beloved braved rush-hour traffic in a foreign land (well, Essex actually) and brought home the spoils of his endeavours.

6  x Insert with Door - White 

I am happy to announce that I have un-disowned the Ikea Family.

Fickle?  Moi?

Friday, 11 May 2012

Ikea - Swedish for 'Frustration'?

Trying to focus on my love for Scandinavia after a disappointing experience with Ikea.
The love began..well I'm not absolutely sure actually, but I have always loved tales of cold lands, candlelit windows; and I especially love the beginning of The Witches (by Roald Dahl) film - although not the ending because that's just plain wrong, but that's a whole other gripe.

Anyhoo, my love deepened following a trip to Copenhagen with the Best Beloved.  Oh my sweet lord, I actually cried on the train leaving the city - not big ol' heaving sobs, but tears nonetheless. 

Total, total love...(sigh).

But listen to me!  Digressing all over the place!

Thursday, 3 May 2012


A Great Big Thank You to Piers Harper* for my swanky new specially-designed-for-me profile picture!


It only took me an hour and a half to work out how to change the old profile picture - so give me a few years and you'll be seeing my cheeky little logo all over this blog.

*Piers is a published children's book illustrator who is currently working on his own line of e-books.  You can find his brand-new website here.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Well it's been a funny old week, all a bit random.  So, rather than try to ravel each thread into something a bit more cohesive, I am Embracing the Random and posting it all here.

Not strictly speaking a bush, but hedge. 
Bush Feeding Lady
Okay, that could go in all sorts of directions - but here is what happened. 
Walking The Dog the other day , we lingered a-while on the bridge over the river.  We do this a lot as Dog likes to look at the ducks (and I like to look out for any scary looking hounds I may need to hide from).   Only on this particular occasion there was not a single duck to be seen. 
And yet, on the other side of the bridge (the Cyclists side, for shame!) was a lady throwing copious amounts of bread with an impressive over-arm action.
As subtly as I could (turning up the collar of my mac, whistling casually and inwardly cursing that I couldn't remember the theme tune to The Third Man) I sidled over to see what she had found to feed.
Perhaps some early ducklings? I do so love a duckling. 
But no...