Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Or ... There's Always Tomorrow...

Very early start this morning.

Had to take Witch (the 'Do Not Break The' Dog) to her specialist vets which is an hour and a half's drive away and needed to a) get up earlier than I did, b) get kids' lunches ready, and c) get No.3 child delivered to dear friend who would forward my Precious Parcel to school at the designated time.

So - no time to eat. 
(Also I wanted to show solidarity with Witchy who was on a starvation diet. Bless.)

The night before as I sat in bed - Kindle switched on and braced for being unceremoniously dropped as I inevitably fell asleep almost instantaneously - I pledged that, starting today, I would re-embrace my Healthy Eating Plan. 

Saturday, 8 June 2013


... The latest instalment in a totally haphazard and unreliable series of Comments that found their way into my ears*.

*And frankly anything finding its way into my ears at the moment deserves some sort of recognition.  Totally blocked they are.  I know!  Well, not totally, it sounds like a jet is burning its engines somewhere inside my head all the time.  But, as ever, I digress...back to the topic in hand.


As some of you may know, I have three children between the ages of 10 and almost 15  -  and it's fair to say that much of the late afternoon/early evening is taken up with homework of one sort or another.  There is, as may be obvious, only one of me; so to say I am not always 100% focused on any given child's homework would not be an untruth.  Sometimes (99% of the time at a generous estimate) I give them The Gift of Finding Out How to Work Independently.  I don't think Social Services needs to be brought in just yet - I am quite a sensitive person and can spot the signs when a young 'un needs some help.  One of the biggest giveaways is them bursting into tears,hurling a pencil in frustration and exploding in a strangled voice "I just can't do this!"

Monday, 3 June 2013

A What..? An AWARD, you say..?

So well hello and a great big THANK YOU to Weezafish – Blogger Extraordinaire and Bestower of Interesting Blog award  upon .... me! 
(I have to admit here that we have been friends for years - since before even the Wild-Word-interWeb probably - so there may have been an element of bias on her part...)
BUT, no ... it is important to accept a compliment graciously and in the spirit in which it was given - and so, again I say THANK YOU!  (That’s shouting really, isn’t it? Ah well, I’m excited).
I am jolly chuffed and it gave me a real fillip, I can tell you.