Monday, 29 April 2013


Ahoy!  Not sure why I'm channeling Sailor Speak there, but it's a nice sunny day and that kind of larky, jolly greeting seems somehow appropriate.

I can't help thinking he may be laughing at me
Soooooo, what's been happening, I hear you ask?  Well, I am able to tell you, adored reader, that I did just over a week ago see one of my actual Heroes in actual Real Life. 

Oh yes. I am still basking in the afterglow of the wonderfulness that was seeing...

Mr Derren Brown
Actually I can no longer use that phrase with the abandon I did on the days leading up to my visit to The Theatre to watch Mr B.  It seems I greatly disturbed Daughter Aged 10 with my constant reference to 'the flesh'.

Friday, 12 April 2013


...Or, What a load of Bologs

Sooooooo, it was Sunday morning and the only day of the week when we get a lie-in. 
Feeling rested and refreshed, Mr W got up and offered to make everyone a cooked breakfast.  I took the opportunity to have a lovely bath.

I love the smell of a lovely bath.  Can't have too many products in the bath water because I have the Skin of  a Princess; but the odd splash of a baby product, coupled with the smell of what I can only assume is chlorine, and my nostrils are happy.

There are two smells finer than that of a lovely bath.  One is the smell of a cooked breakfast, and the other is the smell of a cooked breakfast that someone else has cooked.