Thursday, 2 August 2012


There is only one problem with Wagon Wheels, in my opinion.

One isn't enough. 

So one has to ask  whhhhy the Good People at the Burton Biscuit Co. came up with these?

That'll be five packets then, please.

Don't make them smaller!  Oh, I see they come in packs of 10, I can probably work with that.

They are every bit as delicious as their Big Brother, although the biscuit is chocolatey, unlike the regular not-chocolately-biscuit one.

As you can see, they are similar in depth, just smaller in - ohwhasstheword? - diameter!

But, for goodness sake,  if you need more than one Wagon Wheel, how many Wagon Wheelies are going to be necessary? 

Many.  That's how many.

Fact garnered from the Burton Biscuit Co.'s website
Not absolutely sure how many I'm responsible for

So there we are.
Wagon Wheels / Wagon Wheels Wheelies.  You can't argue.  You just have to eat 'em.

And here's another picture of my current Snack Obsession - this time with an Olympic Theme to celebrate the 2012 London Olympics. 

Go Team GB!


DISCLOSURE:  I am neither employed nor sponsored by the makers of Wagon Wheels.  Just in the grip of a raging obession with chocolate/biscuit/mallow-type snacks. 
Somebody should probably stage an intervention. 


  1. Are you pregnant?!! LOVE wagon wheels. Although now a grown up, they don't seem as huge as they used too of course. Love the Olympic rings! xx

  2. Well I certainly loooook pregnant...
    xxx :) xxx

  3. Strangely, I met the Wagon Wheel accountant last weekend. I told him they make me feel queasy. I was wondering how you could eat them - but then remembered your adoration of Golden Nuggets. How are you not diabetic?

  4. I sometimes wonder if that should be the family motto.