Saturday, 24 November 2012


...And A Most Magnificent Thank You Letter

We are currently enjoying the company of a House Guest.  Our thirteen year old Nephew, Jack, is staying for the weekend while his parents are in Norway.


Even with my sketchy knowledge of Geography I know that Norway is in Scandinavia - and I am the Scandi-lover, dammit! 


Anyway, of course I am not bitter - I am far too marvellous for that :o) - and I am happy to care for their First Born while they are lording it up away.

So the kids and I collected Jack yesterday afternoon, and among the Items he deemed Essential to Pack were several fairly sticky, rubbery body parts.  It's faintly disturbing to find a lifelike tongue sticking upright out of your kitchen table at dinner time.  Or indeed any time. 
The kids, naturally, think it's awesome.

Think it may have just eaten an Oreo

And since the subject of Jack has come up I would like to share with you what I consider to be one of the Most Magnificent Thank You Letters Ever.  To us, from Jack.

I hope you enjoy.



  1. THAT is the best thank you letter ever. Makes me want to buy the young lad a present, just so he sends me one. Did he write that?? :) I'd allow him his sticky body parts, if he wrote me letters like that. Loving your little House Guest suitcase pic too, so cute xx