Sunday, 3 November 2013


Couldn't decide what to post about this time.  It was a toss-up between 'Keep the Noise Down' -
which I feared may be misconstrued as a complaint about November 5th Fireworks and I didn't want no misconstruing on my blog -
Or my 'Simple Pleasures' idea. 

Then I read my pal-who-lives-in-South-Africa's blog post over at Weezafish and, not only does she talk about (among other things) Simple Pleasures - she actually uses the phrase. 
A sign!  A sign! 

(We have a bit of link, WF and I.  Well I like to think so anyway.  One time, during her last pregnancy, I had a dream about her trying on about a thousand different dresses and being indecisive about them all.  Turns out that is exactly what had happened in real life - she had started labour and needed something to travel to hospital in and couldn't find an outfit she was happy with!  And I hadn't known anything about it at all! Cosmic!) (Is it just me who thinks these kind of tales are interesting? )


Simple Pleasures.