Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pep Talk

Ahoy! (not sure why I use that particular form of greeting.  I used it in Sainsbury's the other day, much to my 8 year old daughter's consternation.)  Anyway...
Just had a pep talk from my Best Beloved re postings on my blog and where the sam heck are they ending up. 
Poor chap got home to find me in a state of high anxiety and a small pool of perspiration (non-odourous) entirely frustrated by my inability to work out how this blogging thing works.

I have become the kind of person who used to test my patience when I was but a whippersnapper full of brain cells and empty of responsibility.

Yes now I am empty of brain cells and full of responsibility and it all seems to have taken its toll on the learning/retaining bit of my brain.  I'll get there.  You see if I don't.  It may well be that by then everyone else is sending their blogs direct to their followers' retina - who knows.   Should that be retinas? 
Again, who knows?  And indeed, who cares?

So, what with all my hours spent trying to create pages (kind of succeeded) and then re-naming them (failed) I have now forgotten what I wanted to say.

No time now even to muse - I have to head off sharpish to run the Art & Craft Club at children nos. 2 & 3 school.  Today is this particular group's last session and we will be making fridge magnets with mini canvases.

Wish me luck!

Laters.  (Anyone else watch The Cafe on Sky1?  Loved it.)

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