Thursday, 2 February 2012

Oh, It's such a Perfect Day

Ready to go...
Just got back from walking the dog (the dog as in DoNotBreakThe...)

A crisp, bright and sunny day - really very, very, VERY cold but scarves and gloves put up a sterling defence.  Clomped along in my boots on the hard ground that was so solid I didn't even need to change into my designated dog-walking boots.
Daffodils were bursting up through the ground (presumably they'd done their bursting when the ground was a tad more yielding).
Dog obeyed all commands and we both returned home apple-cheeked and happy.
At least I assume the dog is apple-cheeked, beneath all that black fluff. 

Sometimes there is just nothing finer.


  1. A chocolate house is pretty good too. With a cheese porch! A boy can dream.

  2. I would have to agree with Piers (Hi Piers!) on the chocolate house. I do kinda miss the cold though. No really, I do xx