Tuesday, 21 February 2012

RECYCLING - It's not necessarily all good

Ah soup, that staple of the chilly day when you really can't be arsed to chew.
A bowl of soup
On just such a day, I settled me down in front of a recording of 'Secrets of World War II' with a steaming bowl of  Beef and Vegetable. 

Imagine my distress when my teeth closed down onto something hard and scratchy and not at all like the overcooked vegetable cube I was expecting.

I hastily removed the interloper and, peering myopically at it, convinced myself that it was a small piece of wood.  It had branches and everything.

But Wood?  In my soup?!  Surely these are austerity measures gone bonkers?

Before you could say, 'How many varieties?' I packed the little blighter off to the appropriate authority and awaited their response.

Their response was that it was not, in fact, a piece of splintersome timber but a rogue piece of carrot.

However, they did concede that it was several thousand times harder than it ought to be.

A Pile of Logs
A Pile of Carrots
They also gifted me with a voucher worth five of your English Pounds.

How exciting.

Unfortunately, the voucher seems to have got caught up with the recycling.
And that was collected yesterday.

Hey ho.


  1. Dagnammit man, just think what you could have spent that five quid on. More soup? I found a frozen slug in my bag of frozen peas once, do I win?? xx