Friday, 20 September 2013


...Or Can I?

It's been almost exactly nearly a whole month since I last posted, so you might be forgiven for thinking I may have a story to tell.

Not so, dear reader.  I've been busy with My New Job (in a pottery painting place - which is awesome) and decorating our Bedroom (which now has a new, vaulted (I think that's the word) ceiling - also awesome).  *Wooooah Bracket Attack*

But what I did find - as I was pootling through my very old photos on my very old phone was this ...

I was waiting in the opticians - for aaaages - and so I started to fiddle with the display.  I know, I'm 45 not 4.  Anyway ...
'That might be handy,' I thought. 'My lenses seem to attract all manner of nastiness and I am tired of my smeary attempts at cleaning them. Why yes,' I thought, 'I will certainly invest in this product.'
Then I turned the product round to to look for the price ...

So I thought, 'Yeah ... maybe not then'.
Smearily yours,
Kate x

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