Sunday, 3 November 2013


Couldn't decide what to post about this time.  It was a toss-up between 'Keep the Noise Down' -
which I feared may be misconstrued as a complaint about November 5th Fireworks and I didn't want no misconstruing on my blog -
Or my 'Simple Pleasures' idea. 

Then I read my pal-who-lives-in-South-Africa's blog post over at Weezafish and, not only does she talk about (among other things) Simple Pleasures - she actually uses the phrase. 
A sign!  A sign! 

(We have a bit of link, WF and I.  Well I like to think so anyway.  One time, during her last pregnancy, I had a dream about her trying on about a thousand different dresses and being indecisive about them all.  Turns out that is exactly what had happened in real life - she had started labour and needed something to travel to hospital in and couldn't find an outfit she was happy with!  And I hadn't known anything about it at all! Cosmic!) (Is it just me who thinks these kind of tales are interesting? )


Simple Pleasures.

I wrote some notes about this but have subsequently lost them so I am just going to busk it.  Please indulge.

I've been thinking about how lovely very simple, often small things are.  And how sometimes it really does me good to remember what my Simple Pleasures are.  And in the spirit of sharedom, I am going to start a whole new page (get me) entitled Simple Pleasures - not just for me, but hopefully to pleasure other people too*.

*I really wish that didn't sound quite so rude.

Perhaps we could all share our Simple Pleasures and I could add them to the page. Oh now, wouldn't that be fun? :o)

Some of my choices may strike you as a bit odd, but you know the saying - 'One man's meat is another man's poison'. 
Is that right?  Actually I'm not even sure that is setting the kind of tone I'm after. 
I'm just going to press on if that's okay with everybody?  I don't seem to be flowing with poetic style just now.


Simple Pleasure #1

A UPS van.
Is that weird?  I don't even mean one pulling up outside to deliver a parcel to me.  I mean any UPS
van, anywhere.  There is something about their Vintage look that really appeals to me.  And the driver's brown uniforms - they look like you could fall back in time about 60 years and they'd still be appropriate.  Imagine how comforting the UPS van and driver would be if you found yourself inadvertently travelling through time, zipping around the decades...turmoil and displacement agonies immediately soothed by the one constant - the UPS van.

Simple Pleasure #2

Crows.  Or Rooks.  Or Ravens.  Which is which?  I don't know.  I just love their moody demeanour. 
The way they look at you sideways - I can never work out if it's a look of pity, or if they're thinking 'I know exactly what is going to happen to you and it will make me laugh in a sardonic fashion'.  Or perhaps it's a mixture of the two?  Or perhaps they are simply thinking, 'why is that grinning human coming towards me? I'm off!  Caw!'

And finally, for now, Simple Pleasure #3

A new notebook.  Oh the joys.  I am getting that feeling in my stomach right now (or is that the
brocolli I had for lunch?)  A brand, spanking-new book filled with pages blank or lined - waiting, just waiting, for my masterpiece to be inked upon its pages.  The potential is beyond awesome.  Whenever I get a new notebook I promise myself I will write neatly - not my usual erratic schizophrenic scrawl - and will order my thoughts.  What usually happens, of course, is that they become a mish-mash like all the others.  So what to do?
Buy another notebook and let the cycle continue!  Ha ha.
Or...even luckier...have someone buy you one as a gift.  No guilt and the joy of a design of book that you might have overlooked!  Oh I could weep.

(I literally have hundreds of notebooks.  Most of them empty because I can't even decide what to devote its pages to).

So there you are.  I have shared but a few of my own Simple Pleasures and hope that what they reveal about me is not too disturbing. 

I will add to my Designated Simple Pleasures page regularly (although I seem to remember promising that about my Hall of Heroes page...) and hope that they brighten your day too.  Even if it's only because you can reassure yourself that at least you are not as tragic as I am :o)

Have a happy week!


  1. Ah Kate my friend, loved this post so much. Simple pleasures indeed. Have to say, I don't really get the er ... crow thing. But I'm with you on new notebooks. And **newly** with you.on UPS trucks, now that you bring their timeless nature to my attention :)
    And YES we do have a connection! I so remember that outfit thing. I ended up going to hospital in a wrap around dress, which barely wrapped around, and a pair of Hubs pants. Ah, the fun of childbirth.
    Okay, here's some of my simple pleasures;
    1. Kitchen tables. And I mean to sit around them, tea in hand. Connecting and chatting with someone dear. So specifically my Mums kitchen table. And your kitchen table Kate. You get the idea.
    2. Homeliness. This one's a bit harder to explain but .. I draw great comfort as well as simple pleasure from being homely. Don't laugh but cooking and baking, spot of gardening, DIY, laundry even. If stressed, it calms me down, what can I say? Am I crazy?!
    3. Nature. A truly simple pleasure. So easy to access, it's right outside your door. In fact, often inside too here in Africa. Breath of fresh air, sunset watching, animals, trip to the beach or river. Yes please! Can I come?

    1. I knew you'd contribute - you contributor, you! These are great WF and will be added to our communal list as soon as I get around to it :-) I have an excuse...I am feverishly preparing for the annual sales of my Ecksmas Decs!! Yay...Ecksmas!!!!!

  2. The rooks, crows, etc. stuff must be a family genetic thing - I love them too! One of my simple pleasures is reading an Asterix book and eating two bags of crisps and some chocolate. Another is treading on dry leaves or frozen puddles - the sound is so satisfying! Smelling a new book is also good. I could go on - I won't!

    1. Ah yes...all are luvverly. And I am so excited to have more to add to our Simple Pleasures page! I will get round to updating it, I will! Watch this space....