Monday, 13 October 2014

ESTATE AGENTS...Agents of whom?

Estate Agents.

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Well we all have our opinions of Estate Agents.  I did, many years ago, meet a FANTASTIC Estate Agent.  He was faultlessly marvellous but, unfortunately, for the most part I have been frustrated, befuddled and bemused by the Agents I have come into contact with.

One conversation that sticks is my mind was with a lady Agent the last time we put our house on the market...

L.A:   I do have a couple who have absolutely fallen in love with your house and would like to Put In An Offer!  

This last part was delivered crescendo-style, which put me in mind of a contestant introducing themselves on Blind Date circa 1982.   'My name's Kate, and I'm from ESSEX!'

L.A:  Yes they really like it.  Just one thing ... they can only afford a two bedroom house and yours is the price of a three bedroom house

Me:  That's because ours is a three bedroom house.

L.A:  Yes, but they wondered - as they love the house so much - if you would accept the price of a two bedroom house?

Dear reader, I had to take a breath.

Me:  Tell you find us a four-bedroomed house for the price of a three bedroomed house and maybe we can sort something out.

L.A:  Well now I just think you're being unrealistic.

Yes, that conversation has become a treasured memory.

Anyway, since we are - once again- planning a house move, we are having to psych ourselves up ready to deal with the Inevitable Agents once again.
I choose to try to remember that Agents are all someone's daughter/son/husband/father... This way I hope to embark on our next bout of House Selling with an open mind and happy heart (watch this space).  It is important to remember that they are trying to help, that it can't be an easy job and that they are not all daft.

Then today, 13th October, at 9.20am, I received a telephone call from an Estate Agent.

E.A.:  Good Morning Mrs W!  It's Nigel from Wibble & Diddle here!  I'm so sorry it's taken sooo long to get back to you.  You were enquiring on-line - ooh, ages ago now, I'm so sorry - about one of our properties in Delightful Village...?

Me:  Um, yes I was.  But it was only this weekend...there's no need to apologise, it is only Monday now.

E.A :  Oh that's odd.  Because I have a message saying you enquired way back on the 11th of October!  I'm sure I don't know what's happened there...

Dear Reader, without actually putting our house on the market or, indeed, viewing any other properties,  I was already able to tick off 'befuddled' and 'bemused' on my Estate Agent Experience Check List.

Now that's impressive.

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