Friday, 10 February 2012

Snow Time for a Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday and a thundering good time was had 
But first.....the snow.  After last weekend's liberal dousing we were treated last night to another dusting. 
I say 'dusting' entirely in the sense of 'I really need to do some'.  The snow/dust layers are as thick as each other.  2 inches in places.
Yes, last night's dumping was a good 'un, but now I fear my birthday celebration with my pals may be kiboshed.  And there was homecooked chicken and chorizo paella promised too (sad face icon).
(Must really learn how to do those).


  1. No no! Put your snow boots on, get a sled. Did you have your Paella?

  2. Yeah we did it, we braved the -7 degrees temperature and the whole evening was truly lovely. Paella was exquisite x