Friday, 2 March 2012

It's a Love Thing

Just wanted to quickly share.....

I was in my youngest's school this morning  (I was allowed, it's okay)  to watch the assembly.

A regular feature of assemblies is the Celebration Bench - where children from each year are nominated for something . . . well . . .worth celebrating. 

The categories often make me chuckle - they seem to range from 'finding the prettiest leaf in the playground' to 'fixing the large hadron collider''.

But today we had a real 'catch your breath' moment.

One boy - let us call him Little Eric -  was being celebrated for his contribution to their R.E. session, where they were learning about love and what it means.

When he was asked, 'What do you think love means, Little Eric?'  

He replied,

'It is when our hearts talk to each other'.

I didn't cry, I swear.  I just had something in my eye. 

So did all the other parents.

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  1. Weird, me too as I'm reading this. Must be dust or an eyelash or something xx