Saturday, 3 March 2012

We did it first!

This is something we invented (oh yes).

And since these things have a habit of travelling like wildfire, and all sorts of people claim them as their own (my friend J insists her friend L invented the word 'wanger', for example)  - I thought I'd pop it on here for my grandchildren's grandchildren to look at and bask in the reflected glow.

Here it is. . .

Vulcan Hand Sign

No of course we didn't invent the Vulcan hand sign - Vulcans did that.

What we did invent was the thrilling and original.......Sci Fi(ve)!

I know, it's too fantastic.

Instead of an ordinary high, or even low, five - you can now give your friends and family the greeting that is somehow of the future and yet also of the past.

Enjoy!  Just remember where you heard it first : - )

(I will fill you in on the Hover Five once you've had a chance to fully digest this latest revelation).

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