Friday, 16 March 2012

Waiting Room Only

Maintaining Radio Silence
Sitting in a hospital waiting room this morning - having already thumbed through the magazines and imbibed the complimentary 'Chocomilk' drink  (delicious, thank you for asking) - my eye was caught by the following notice:

"This radio is on for a reason. 
Please do not switch it off or turn it down"

I was intrigued, and not a little unsettled . . . and I shall tell you why.

The radio was off.

Duh-daa-daaaaaaaaaah.  (Dramatic music sound)

Was this some strange psycho-medical experiment? 

Perhaps they were trying to make us think we'd gone deaf and thereby become a drain on the finances of a different hospital department? 
Who knows?
I certainly don't because, intrigued as I was, I wasn't about to haul my sorry behind off the comfy chair to ask.

And besides - what if, when I asked about the radio, they said,

"Radio, madam? 
Why there hasn't been a radio in that room since 1938" ?

It could have all got a bit Twilight Zone.

* * * * * * *

And . . . am I alone in being mindful not to lick my thumb as I flick through medical establishments' waiting room reading matter? 

OK, sounding more like Howard Hughes than I want to.  Time to go bleach the children.

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  1. Ah, you're funny chick. And how intriguing. I would have asked, you know me. I want to know 'the reason' ....