Thursday, 15 March 2012

Head in the Clouds ?

It is very foggy today, here in Ruralish-shire. 

We've had a lot of fog lately.  Do I mean 'a lot of fog'? or do I mean a lot of foggy days?

Anyway. . .

Fog used to freak me out a bit.  I'm not talking rocking-on-the-bottom-stair freaking out, but I would certainly be unsettled.

Like looking through a dirty windscreen, it used to make me furrow my brow and give myself a scowly headache.

But ever since hearing some Meteorological-Type Expert telling me, via the miracle of BBC Radio Four, that it was just a cloud touching the earth   -   I have found the whole experience almost poetic.

Head in the clouds? Why yes.  And it all feels a bit magic.

1 comment:

  1. Oh how lovely! I can't wait to tell the kids, they can now touch a cloud :) Now I just need some fog ......