Sunday, 1 April 2012

Stalker Tendencies

Becoming a leeeetle concerned.

Climbing into the car with the kiddies after school, I overheard a Mum talking to her child as they walked past.   (The car windows were open - it has been very warm for March).

And Mum says, "We must go straight  home - Uncle Derren is cutting the grass."

Some Grass
 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Derren ?   Really ? ?  As in one of my heroes? ? ?

(See my Heroes page.  Later though, I haven't put him on there yet).

The inscrutable Mr Derren Brown of Mind-Melding and Pointy Beard fame?  Whose sleight of brain and sharpness of hand have enthralled and delighted me since first I clapped eyes on him?

As is oft said in the mighty 'Highlander' films, there can ( surely ? ) be only one !

My head swivels almost a full 360 degrees as I seek out the speaker of those tantalising words, and, within  approximately 2.936 seconds of hearing his name uttered, I actually thought to myself,

'I wonder if I can follow them home . . ?'

I hasten to add that sanity managed to claw its way back in before I put my foolish thoughts into action.

Besides, what on earth did I think I would do when I got there?
"Please don't be alarmed madam, I followed you home from school.  Is Derren Brown mowing your lawn?"

Not sure she'd have been entirely accommodating.

You see?     Stalker Tendencies.     It's a worry.
Not Derren Brown not cutting the grass


  1. Just a tendency though, you didn't act on it. If you had, and he'd been there mowing (in a mind controlling, pointy beardy kind of way) you would have just mouthed "I love you" and then run off. Which, admittedly, would have been funny :)

  2. Aaw, now I wish I'd done that.
    Next time... xxxx