Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ikea - Swedish for 'Fickle'?

It's okay everyone!  It's all o-kay.

Yep, me and Ikea are back 'on'.  Reunited and fully loved-up.  (Actually I think it may be rather more one-sided than that).

In true Viking spirit, Best Beloved braved rush-hour traffic in a foreign land (well, Essex actually) and brought home the spoils of his endeavours.

6  x Insert with Door - White 

I am happy to announce that I have un-disowned the Ikea Family.

Fickle?  Moi?


  1. Did you re-like their Facebook page?? Snicker xx

    1. Think I'll take it slow...wouldn't want to appear too keen
      :-) xxx

  2. I'm so pleased you're friends again! I have to say I was a little worried, I just can't help but love their style. Big, annoying, worldwide conglomerate that they are.

  3. Yes, damn them, they are just too darn good. I feel so much better now we're sorted xxx