Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Well it's been a funny old week, all a bit random.  So, rather than try to ravel each thread into something a bit more cohesive, I am Embracing the Random and posting it all here.

Not strictly speaking a bush, but hedge. 
Bush Feeding Lady
Okay, that could go in all sorts of directions - but here is what happened. 
Walking The Dog the other day , we lingered a-while on the bridge over the river.  We do this a lot as Dog likes to look at the ducks (and I like to look out for any scary looking hounds I may need to hide from).   Only on this particular occasion there was not a single duck to be seen. 
And yet, on the other side of the bridge (the Cyclists side, for shame!) was a lady throwing copious amounts of bread with an impressive over-arm action.
As subtly as I could (turning up the collar of my mac, whistling casually and inwardly cursing that I couldn't remember the theme tune to The Third Man) I sidled over to see what she had found to feed.
Perhaps some early ducklings? I do so love a duckling. 
But no...

...there was nothing.  
Honestly, I looked really hard - there wasn't even a nest.
Just a bush.
Had she perhaps misunderstood the concept of 'Bush Tucker'? 
I cannot even pretend to know. 

Rainsticks as made by Art & Craft Club
Art & Craft Club
Since I'm constantly blithering on about Art & Craft Club, I include here - for your delight - a picture of this week's project. 
I had been calling them 'Rainmakers', but it seems I have made a mistake of sorts.  I am informed that they are in fact 'Rainsticks'. 
My apologies.

Dead Mr Bread
Bread Making - Attempt #2
Yep, I had another go.  Got myself some dried yeast that wasn't out of date and - presto - the loaf rose like a good 'un. 
Who knew kneeding and knocking-back could be so much fun?
Only mistake I made this time was listening to Child No.2, who suggested I, 'Give Mr Bread a face'. 
The result was rather more sinister than any of us imagined.

The bread, however, was delicious. Thank you for asking :-)


  1. That bread looks like a halloween loaf! Yum, baking smells in the house. Miss my oven :(
    Love the rainsticks, verrr purdy. Not sure what to make of bush feeding lady, was she just upset all the ducks had gone and didn't want to carry that heavy bread back home with her? I'm glad for you, and your Third Man fantasies, that she chose to chuck it at a bush instead! Ha!

  2. Yay! Hallowe'en loaf! Taking orders now for October...I could make a FORTUNE :-) xxx