Thursday, 30 August 2012


Or...My Latest Hero To Make it into The Hall

(I tried to rename my Hall of Heroes 'People I Would Like to be Stuck in an Old-Fashioned Train Carriage With'.  But it made the tab at the top waaaaay too long)

It is often suggested to me, by Mr W, that I should update my Hall of Heroes a little more regularly.

Indeed, No.1 Son (aged 14) inferred that it was more a Lobby than a Hall...

So, swelling the ranks today is the Wonderful Mr Tim Burton *sigh*.

Go.  Enjoy.  He's great.


  1. LOVE Tim Burton too. Possibly has something to do with his apparent love of Johnny Depp ...

  2. Yep, doesn't hurt. Also Helena B-C, who is soooo cool. But I have to confess it's his characters that I love the most. Dark little person that I am :)