Monday, 18 February 2013


...Or, Oh Sweet Lord that's Gross...

This wasn't gross.  This was lovely.
Beautifully modelled by my pal, the equally lovely Mrs B
Aaaah, the end of another Half Term Holiday (although I do believe they are no longer called that - but I'm bejiggered if I can keep up with the new term numbers) and, having spent a week rising at my comparative leisure and remaining pyjama-clad until after nine o'clock, I found myself assuming my regular position at the kitchen counter prepping the kiddies' lunches.

It was all going rather smoothly, until I asked Child No.2 to find his water bottle.

He could not.

But he did find ... this ...

Doesn't look too bad, but it had languished in his bag for over a week and I can confirm it was nigh-on fossilised.

I'm a morning person, and fairly mellow as a rule, so I felt an Indulgent Look and a Gentle Word about taking more care to clear things out was all that was needed.

Then he produced ... this ...

And this, dear reader, was once .... A Bag of Sliced Peppers.

Oh yes.  

It is now a bag of violently-coloured fetid liquid.  With White Stuff growing on it.

I will not re-live my reaction to this particular discovery.  
Suffice to say the time for Indulgent Looks and Gentle Words had long passed.


  1. Ewwwww! Boys man, they are SO gross. I bet he'd been tracking the progress of mould, all scientific like. AT the risk of sounding repetitive, ewwwwwwwwww. xx

    1. It's very generous of you to suggest there was some sort of science going on there. Methinks, however, it was simply general mankiness on the boy's part :)

  2. I feel so proud. Love to have seen your face when you found it.