Saturday, 30 March 2013


...Or, The Lasting Last Supper

Daughter Aged 10's school has a homework system called Learning Logs where they are encouraged to produce some work at home.  Not actually called homework anymore, as that apparently sounds negative.  Frankly, I think getting used to negative words is no bad thing - otherwise the little darlings won't know what's hit them when phrases like 'final demand', 'car insurance' and 'dusting' are bandied at them.  But what, as I often ask, do I know?

Anyway, it's quite funky as they can let their imaginations run riot.  Our girl is a fan of the PowerPoint presentation.  I, on the other hand, am gagging for the day she presents her learning log using the medium of Interpretive Dance.

But I wimble on ...

The last Learning Log assignment was to present The Easter Story and, since we have a slight Gingerbread Obsession in our house, Daughter opted to depict The Last Supper... in Gingerbread.

Impressive, no?  That lamb looks delicious.

(Luckily she's a bit more up to speed on the details than I am. I was all for making a gingham table cloth and having grass dotted with primroses - totally convinced the Last Supper was a picnic.  Must be all the talk of the Garden of Gethsemane...)

She made heaps of extra disciples to share with her class.  Bless.
It didn't escape my notice that Gingerbread Jesus looks uncannily like Robert Powell in the '70s classic, 'Jesus of Nazareth'.  It's all in the eyes ...
Gingerbread Jesus

Robert Powell as the Jesus 

Suprisingly quick and easy to make, a Gingerbread Last Supper would make a charming centre-piece for any Easter Table as the gingerbread keeps for quite a long time. 

Unless of course it has already been eaten.

Which it has.

Look!  She even made some little loaves. 
Aaaah :)


  1. Replies
    1. I bet - you must see some inventive stuff. Have any of your charges ever used the medium of Interpretive Dance?! x

  2. Fantastic Kate, She needs a big pat on the back for that. Well Done x
    P.S Can I put an order in for one for next Easter??
    Happy Easter Jo Fletcher xx

    1. Ha ha! I should open an order book, shouldn't I? We can do Halloween, Christmas, Bar Mitzvahs... :) x

  3. It's when they innocently bite the head off of Jesus, like it "ain't no thang" (I paraphrase the cool kids). I, on the other hand am introducing Monkey to the power of interpretive dance. Love it.

  4. I always have a "IT'S JESUS!!" moment when I see a pic of Robert Powell. Now, when I see one of Sadies Gingerbread disciples also. HOW COOL IS THIS!!! She's so clever. You will tell me the SECOND she starts using the medium of imterpretive dance, won't you? xxx