Tuesday, 26 March 2013


...Or, My Name's Kate and I Have a Secret Stash of Cadbury's Creme Eggs

There.  It's out there.  I have shared.  I've been struggling with the guilt for toooo long and now I thank you for listening :-)

I have a Secret Stash of Cadbury's Creme eggs and I don't know how it happened (I do).

I blame Tesco; they were doing them on special offer - BOGOF* or something similar (but perhaps less aggressive sounding).  It may have even been Better Than Half Price, or Buy One Get One Half Price.   Or, just possibly, Buy One Get One Full Price...

It all began when my brother was coming to stay.  He is a chocoholic. 
He won't mind me saying that.

I got a box of Creme Eggs in for his visit.  But I never gave them to him! (Oops).
He will mind me saying that.

I also forgot that I had already got some.  And also some others.

So you see, soon it became a stash - which I had to keep secret because ... well, surely that's the point of a stash?


So I hid them. In an old carrier bag.  On the top of my wardrobe.

Brother came and went and still most of the eggs remained (I did give him one. I'm not entirely heartless).

I noted that nobody seemed to think it remotely unusual that I went upstairs to get a Creme Egg for visiting brother.


So now I wonder which is stranger?  That I have a Secret Stash of Cadbury's Creme Eggs?  Or that my family think it's perfectly reasonable to offer a Creme Egg to a guest, and then disappear upstairs to get it?

One thing's for definite and for sure though ...

... I'm going to have to find another place to hide them.

Hidden In Plain Sight.  Cunning, no?
Of course, if any of my kids EVER CLEARED THEIR STUFF UP
they might have found these fondant-encased-in-thick-chocolate lovelies. 
Instead they are mine...all mine!  Mwah-ha-ha-ha.

*BOGOF - As in Buy One Get One Free.  But you knew that.

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  1. What IS the point of a stash if it's not kept secret I ask you? Very impressed by your stash, maybe I should start one. As I still have small children I rely on the 'putting it up high' technique, but clearly I'll have to get smarter as the kids get taller :)