Wednesday, 15 May 2013


...Or, ................?

Do you know what?  I can't think of anything to say. 
Not just 'I can't think of anything to blog about,' but I have been struggling with random and occasional words for a few days now. 

Today, for example, I was talking to the dog and I said,
'We need to wipe your feet because...'
and then words failed me. 
We looked at each other, the dog and I, and a moment of mutual understanding passed between us.  She realised that I had been attempting to express that -unwiped - her fluffy,wet dog feet would poddle rain all through the house.  And I realised that she, of course, was wondering where her next piece of cheese was coming from.

Assuming that it is the remnants of a head-cold (ever had a hand-cold?) that is fuddling my brain, and not a sign of something rather more sinister, I have decided that I should embrace the quiet. 

Not try to speak; nor force the words to write.

In these days of texting, facebook, email and twitter - where we can constantly and immediately communicate - perhaps we could just stop, every now and then;  be calm, and just listen. 

I'm doing just that.  I am listening to my body . . .

and it doesn't have anything to say right now. 


I hear you body!

With this in mind - and in the spirit of multifunctional greetings cards everywhere - I am leaving the following space blank, for your own thoughts.

Right I'm off now, to ... erm ... um.....whassstheword..?

Look at me!  I can make not having anything to say take up a whole page!  Wooohoo.


  1. I am often stuck for words Kate but I blame the menopause ! Enjoy your quiet time xxx

    1. Perhaps that's what's doing for me too! Zoinks, I never thought of that! x

  2. We can't be talking about the menopause surely? *nervous giggle* We're, like, WAY too young and hip huh? ......... *sigh* I so often walk into rooms these days and wonder why. But then I tweet about it 'cos I'm hip and down with the kids .......... *sigh*

    1. You sure are. Hip and down with the kids, I mean 😊 xxx

  3. I struggle with words and general thoughts, (or brain efforts as they should be called) on a daily basis. I think it's the wine x

    1. Ha! It could well be! And it's sooo worth it :) x