Monday, 3 June 2013

A What..? An AWARD, you say..?

So well hello and a great big THANK YOU to Weezafish – Blogger Extraordinaire and Bestower of Interesting Blog award  upon .... me! 
(I have to admit here that we have been friends for years - since before even the Wild-Word-interWeb probably - so there may have been an element of bias on her part...)
BUT, no ... it is important to accept a compliment graciously and in the spirit in which it was given - and so, again I say THANK YOU!  (That’s shouting really, isn’t it? Ah well, I’m excited).
I am jolly chuffed and it gave me a real fillip, I can tell you.

It didn’t come without some conditions, however.  Among them was a list of 5 questions to answer, and the requirement to list 5 Random Facts about myself.

So here goes:

Weezafish’s 5 Questions

1.        When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging (I think) in February 2012.  Why?  Because I blather on continually to my nearest and dearest about how much I’d like to write, and two of my N&Ds said (quite forcefully after a while), “YOU SHOULD WRITE A B****Y BLOG THEN, WOMAN!” 
Which was sweet.  What was possibly sweeter still was my dear old friend Weezafish holding my hand and talking me through setting my blog up (she being of a technical bent and me being a nob).

2.       What treat or pamper could you just not do without?

First reaction was Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.  Then I thought that, actually, I would be able to do without it (under extreme conditions only, obviously).  What I would really struggle without would be a pen or pencil and paper.  I have a Doodling/List Making habit that I find strangely calming. Does that count as a treat or pamper?

Ain't she a beauty?
3.       Which tune would, without question, have you leaping to your feet and strutting to the dancefloor?

Tragically there is no known tune.   Not now.  I don’t do the dancing. 
In my youth, however, the first chords of Huey Lewis and the News, ‘The Power of Love’ would see me – literally – strutting around whichever venue I found myself in.  Not always good.

4.       Imagine; you have an entire weekend free, nothing on your To Do List, millions in the bank and only yourself to please.  What do you do?

Doodle and make some lists.  Also buy a large pile of Cadbury's Dairy Milk to eat.

5.       Where did you put your keys?

I have no idea.  I’m assuming they're somewhere near my watch.



And now, as requested - Five Random Facts about Me

1.        I worked as a Butlin’s Redcoat about a thousand years ago.

2.       I can make my irises vibrate.  (The coloured bits of my eyes, not my garden plants).

3.       I once got a round of applause when I came out of the loo in a pub one lunchtime.  Overwhelmed by the fabulous acoustics in the cubicle, I had launched into my rendition of 'I Know Him So Well' from the musical, Chess (and yes, dear reader, I did sing both parts of the duet). Hadn’t fully appreciated just how fabulous the acoustics were, however. Luckily the punters seemed to like it.

4.       I cannot BEAR IT when cupboard doors are left open.  Strangely my wardrobe door doesn’t shut properly and that doesn’t bother me at all.  It would have done when I was younger... monsters and all that.

5.       According to my eldest son I relate ‘absolutely everything’ to the Second World War.


I'm in there somewhere.
It wasn't always that foggy.  Sometimes it rained too.
I'm kidding. The sun always shines at Butlins :)

So, that was a bit different, wasn’t it?  I feel inspired to think up my own Blog Award now.  Ooooh, what shall it be? 

I will get back to you on that.


In the meantime – thanks again WF for thinking my blog is Interesting and going to the trouble to tell me so :)


  1. I CAN SEE YOU IN THE BUTLINS PIC!! Oi oi Missy, there were SIX rules, how come you only followed the first two? You rule breaker you :) now MUST design and send your own award, to make amends. Congrats! Can't stop laughing about the singing in the toilet story. Sorry to laugh at your misfortune (you did get a round of applause??) but ... BA HA HA HA HA! *SIGH* And I never knew you could do that with your eyes, that's kinda cool. Kinda weird too, but kinda cool. Glad I nominated you my lovely xx

    1. There were SIX rules?! I must go back and check;I apologise most profusely. These things take me time - as you know, I am a much more a Planner than a Do-er :)
      Will show you the eye thing when next we meet - prepare to be dazzled xxx

    2. It's okay, there's a Part 2 is all, there's a Part 2!! :) Can't WAIT to see you dazzle me with your eyes! Is that odd? Going now ...