Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Or ... There's Always Tomorrow...

Very early start this morning.

Had to take Witch (the 'Do Not Break The' Dog) to her specialist vets which is an hour and a half's drive away and needed to a) get up earlier than I did, b) get kids' lunches ready, and c) get No.3 child delivered to dear friend who would forward my Precious Parcel to school at the designated time.

So - no time to eat. 
(Also I wanted to show solidarity with Witchy who was on a starvation diet. Bless.)

The night before as I sat in bed - Kindle switched on and braced for being unceremoniously dropped as I inevitably fell asleep almost instantaneously - I pledged that, starting today, I would re-embrace my Healthy Eating Plan. 

I think most of us have been here - waistband a little more snuggly than before, summer holiday swimsuit beckoning...

And so, in the spirit of sharing, I give you what I had eaten by 12.30pmYes - with more than half the day left to go.  I am not proud.

Breakfast : a cup of coffee, no sugar.
Journey to vets : nothing
Journey home from vets:
A packet of Jalepeno Flavour Tortilla chips

A Chicken Fajita Slice

A Frijj Milkshake (Bought by Mr W who then opted instead for a fruit smoothie, so I had to drink it, didn't I?)
A Belgian Bun
I would like to add that everything was shared between Mr W and I (except the Frijj, which I dealt  with single-handedly *yay*).

Now, I could choose to view this as an Epic Fail.


I could swish my petticoats, declare that Tomorrow Is Another Day . . .

. . . and order a Dominos Pizza for dinner.


  1. How was the pizza? :) I am way passed the stage of pretending that those 'big' bags of crisps are for sharing. What? Get your own man! Ahem xx

    1. Pizza was really quite divine, thank you for asking. And I know - 'for sharing'(!?) printed on the packaging ?! That's just plain crazy and a bit rude :o)