Saturday, 8 June 2013


... The latest instalment in a totally haphazard and unreliable series of Comments that found their way into my ears*.

*And frankly anything finding its way into my ears at the moment deserves some sort of recognition.  Totally blocked they are.  I know!  Well, not totally, it sounds like a jet is burning its engines somewhere inside my head all the time.  But, as ever, I digress...back to the topic in hand.


As some of you may know, I have three children between the ages of 10 and almost 15  -  and it's fair to say that much of the late afternoon/early evening is taken up with homework of one sort or another.  There is, as may be obvious, only one of me; so to say I am not always 100% focused on any given child's homework would not be an untruth.  Sometimes (99% of the time at a generous estimate) I give them The Gift of Finding Out How to Work Independently.  I don't think Social Services needs to be brought in just yet - I am quite a sensitive person and can spot the signs when a young 'un needs some help.  One of the biggest giveaways is them bursting into tears,hurling a pencil in frustration and exploding in a strangled voice "I just can't do this!"

No, I do try to help where I can (mostly with coming up with ideas for fancy dress costumes, which is proving to be less and less helpful these days) but all too often I find my education is sadly lacking.  That said, I have never been shy of looking stuff up in books or even (get me, I'm so modern) on The Internet.

This week, No.2 (Boy-child Aged about 12) was unusually keen to get on with his science homework.  It was computer based - which explained his eagerness, I thought - and so he planted himself at the kitchen table with the laptop and buckled down (as my grandmother used to say).

I busied myself with the washing up/dinner preparation/dog fondling and 'plan making'.  Miles away, I was, in my own little world when ...

"Oh no!" cried No.2. 
"I'm stuck on the wall of the vagina!" 
Not sure this is something I'm ever going to be able to help with.
For those of you with a curious and enquiring mind (and yay you for that) his homework was to 'Complete the Great Sperm Race'.  A fabulous little game thoughtfully provided by UK tv's Channel 4.  You are the little black sperm who has to navigate his way through the horrors of the female sexual organs to reach the eggy prize.  Sounds delicious.
Go on little fella!  Watch out for those toxic walls!
It's worth taking a look - if only to read some of the comments added.
That's a vagina?
Enjoy x


  1. Oh my word!! ACID walls??? I don't think you'll have to worry about teen pregnancies with No.2, this game will surely make him fearful of acidic vaginas for the rest of his life! Look how you have me commenting now! Awesome post lovely. Love the ones that shock me but make me laugh at the same time xx

  2. P.S. How do I get to the game? Not that I want to play it or anything of course. Just that you said it was worth a look ...

    1. Who knew these 'areas' were so hostile? Not I, that's for sure.
      Were my links to the Channel 4 game too hidden? Or not working? I will add one beneath the pic to enable rapid access to the thrilling little game :) Go, enjoy!