Sunday, 28 July 2013


*This Post is not about Prince George.
Not the Prince George

Prince George is largely irrelevant.

Only to this story!  Heck people, Prince G is not irrelevant!  Nothing shakes your world like the arrival of your First Born, Prince of the Realm or not.

This post is about a George - Saint George.

Or, actually - not.

But it is about my world being shaken, so you may want to take a moment to prepare.

Deep breath and ... ready?

I am going to take you back in time to April (imagine wibbly fuzzy lines) - April 23rd to be precise, for that is St George's Day. He of Dragon Slaying Fame.


This is also fairly irrelevant, but that seems to be the way this post is going.

So...St George's Day and Mr W is celebrating the Patron Saint of England's Designated Day by spending the evening with some friends in a local pub.  Here the Publicans mark this auspicious occasion (St G's day, not Mr W and  his friends visiting) by providing their clientele with free sausage and mash.

As in no money changing hands whatsoever.


Presumably they feel this is traditional English Fare - although sausage is for-surely German (although possibly not - I did start a Google search but got side-tracked looking at pics of celebs before they were famous).  Potatoes, I am almost entirely fairly sure, originally came from South America.

Potatoes : From South America or Tesco -
whichever's nearest

But it matters not** and indeed back to the point ...

"That'll be good", I said to Mr W as he was getting ready, "Sausage and Mash - yummers!"

"Yeah," said Mr W, "except I really do not like mash".

!?!?!? What?!? Que?!?!? Was?!!?!
*Quite the linguist when in shock. I thank you :o)*

Since when?!?

17 years we have been together.  17 years!

In that time I have mastered cups of tea just how he likes them (or so I thought), grown to love watching football (now I wonder if I was misguided), and cooked his favourite meals countless times ... including...

Sausage and Mash.

Oh, only about a kersquillion times.

What other bombshells, I wonder, does he have up his sleeve?
(I may be mixing my metaphors there).

I shudder to think.

Reeling, dear reader ... still reeling ...

** Especially as it seems Saint George may well be Turkish :o)


  1. I think I that is an automatic annulment. .in fact I am sure of it. These things should be declared ... 'does anyone know of any lawful reason...' he should have spoken up. However I would keep him as he is very useful and quite amusing.

    1. I agree emmalewis! Should have spoken up or ... 'forever held his peace', as I think the next bit goes. But you are quite right - he is very useful and amusing, so I will hang in there a wee while longer xxx