Thursday, 1 August 2013

Coke™ Is It...

Coke may well be 'It' ...  But what, pray tell, is this?


I don't get this.  What am I supposed to do here?  Helen or Simon who?
And why is my bottle of pop sending me messages anyway?  Surely this should be the preserve of the Desert-Islandly-Stranded? 

Is this a simple 'let's all be fizzy-pop-share-y-care-y pals' - or is the message a slightly darker 'stop drinking so many fizzy drinks, fat bird'?
I have to say this would seem a slightly unorthodox marketing ploy.

And whatever next?  Will my sliced white be urging me to make a bit of toast for my neighbour?  Great Snakes, I'll never get anything done!

Perhaps a more conversational tone would be better?  Rather than issuing the directive 'Share a Coke with Peter', perhaps if it asked, 'Why not share a coke with Peter?' I could at least then have the satisfaction of responding, 'Because I don't know anyone called Peter, Coke Bottle'.

I'm really not sure what the manufacturers of my favourite bubbly brown beverage want from me.  All I know is I find it very hard to Enjoy Coke™ when I feel I am depriving someone else.

On the plus side, it does present the opportunity for some Online Grocery Shopping Fun™.   I feel a 'Note to Picker' coming on - 'Please only select coke bottle with 'Kate' on it'. 

In the meantime I'm sticking to Gin - it's far less demanding.


  1. Oh that's weird, they haven't tried that er ... interesting marketing ploy over here yet. Why not just 'share a coke'? Why be so specific about who you share it with?! Quite bizarre. I do know a Helen though, I'll give you her address because that wouldn't be odd at all huh? If you just showed up to share a coke with her? :) xxxx P.S. You MUST ask for a 'Kate' bottle. Pleeeeeease xx

    1. I'm going to! I swear to goodness it will be done :-) x

  2. I too find Gin to be a much less demanding companion. Gin and I have history. Gin and I do not feel the need to have a discourse with total strangers, and most importantly Gin and I are in a committed relationship and do not feel the need to "swing" with other beverages.