Sunday, 22 December 2013



...Or at least very, very silly.

Soooo, a little later than usual in the gay old month of December, the Family W set off to purchase the Christmas Tree. It has become a tradition that we always go to the same Garden Centre, at around the same time of the month (although we failed on that count this year) and we always choose the same type of tree - a Nordmann fir.

We are not really ones for Shaking Things Up a Bit.

Except for these.  We like to shake these up :-)
Anyhoo, as we walked through the Garden Centre Mr W and I got a little sidetracked.
By these...

...then these...

...and then this fair finished us off...


So I fancy that pretty much gives you the measure of us.

And Mr W has a responsible job.  I don't, of course, but he does.

Merry Christmas Everybody
Keep Safe and Be Nice

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  1. Oh how shocking, Mrs W! Made me chuckle :) A very Merry Christmas to you all xxxxx