Saturday, 22 February 2014


It's amazing the difference a bit of blue sky makes. *Takes deep, cleansing breath in*.  Ah yes, life is good.

Walked the dog this morning without a coat, hat and extra socks.  Admittedly I was still wearing a v. thick cardigan and a scarf - but then it is still February.

Ah jolly, I thought to myself, as I bimbled along with the houndy, admiring the spring flowers in Other People's gardens.  I recognise daffodils (but there were none) and snowdrops (plenty) and I assume the other pretty little, dainty blooms were crocuses and ... other spring flowers I have heard of.

I really must, I also thought to myself, sort our garden out.  We are lucky to have one; and it is so nice to take a moment and look upon pretty things growing.  Ooh, my setting seems to be jammed on 'Wistful'.

So, inspired by nature kindly Springing up around me, I went straight out into the garden to See If Anything Could be Done.  
And what did I spy?  Among the - frankly - crap?

Only this ...

  Perhaps you can't quite see it, hold on ...

It's a Yellow Thing

Wow, eh?  

Imagine my excitement, when I am more used to finding things like this ...

I don't even know who that ball belongs to.  It isn't ours.

I was compelled, after the discovery of the Yellow Thing, to search for more signs of life.
I found this ...

...which I thought was growing buds, but on closer inspection it was revealed that a weed was growing up it, so I don't think that counts.

But this ... this is definitely Potentially Something Pretty ...

And this, maybe ...

This is definitely thriving.  Although I'm not sure what it is exactly.  Think it may be Parsley ... I'll test it on the kids.

Not much hope for this fellow ...

But check these little beauties out ...

Oooh! Purple things!

I think these might be resurrecting?  Is that possible?  As far as I could tell they died at Christmas.

So there we are.  Spring has sprung in our garden. It really has and I am impressed, frankly, because - as I fancy may be all too obvious - I do almost entirely nothing out there all year.  

I may have to remedy that this year.  I may not, it has to be said, but I may. 
Ooooh suspense, eh?  

Right, I am off to Google 'things I can plant with little effort that will grow and be beautiful without any care or attention'.

Happy Days!


  1. I obviously stumbled across Alan Titchmarsh's blog by mistake, my apologies

    1. It's lucky you make me laugh, fella, because otherwise I would hunt you down and talk Mr. Fothergills at you xxx

  2. Splendid use of "bimble". Will be making a cameo in my next post. As for afore mentioned yellow things, I too have discovered certain signs of life in my garden. Cease and desist all forms of inspiration please, I have enough to occupy my addled brain without wanting to leap in the garden and open up a six pack of Alan on it. I am hoping the pixies will come fix it for me over night.

    1. Good luck with the pixies. And perhaps send them over to me when they've sorted your garden out? You could possibly include one of your awesome cupcakes in their little pixie backpacks too...
      Glad you like 'bimble'. One of my favourites :-)

  3. I love this post - it's so nice seeing all the bluebells and snowdrops sprouting up! Spring is definitely on her way x