Saturday, 29 March 2014

Mother's Day

Artwork by Piers Harper
Here in the UK this Sunday is Mother's Day. 

To mark the occasion I would  like to share with you a conversation that took place between me and No.1 Son (aged 15) earlier this week.

Here it is...

Me: (as No.1 shows me his latest awesome doodle drawing) This is fab!  You know I'm still waiting for my picture sized doodle from you to hang on the wall...

No.1 Son: I knoooow.  I was going to do it for your birthday...but that came and went... and then........

Me:   You know it's Mother's Day this Sunday?

No.1 Son: Oh man I hate Mother's Day!

Me: (Noticeably shocked and hurt and making a bit of a meal of it)  Wha....?!?

No.1 Son: OH NO! No, no, no, no noooo...I love that you're my mum!  If you weren't my mum I'd punch my mum and come and find you.

Please excuse me while I wipe away a tiny tear of happiness.

Artwork by Piers Harper

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