Wednesday, 20 August 2014


GCSE results are out tomorrow for our First Born No.1 Son and distractions are in order. 

I am experiencing severe butterflies and those who know me know I am seriously phobic about butterflies; so imagine my pain.

Yes I know, all very beautiful. But really...yeuch.
How's No.1 Son?  Meh, dunno.  This one is all very much about me.  (I'm kidding, I've been 'supportive' and stuff).

Anyhoo, getting back to the whole 'distractions' thing ...

But first, Insight Time - I can be a bit of an Apostrophe Nightmare.   Of course admitting to that in writing is asking for trouble.  No doubt my blog, my diary, my letters to companies whom I felt would benefit from my 'feedback' are littered with the kind of hideous mistake that has me tut-tutting into my tea cup. 

But what the hey...sometimes you've just got to hold your hand up and put yourself out there.  
(Do I mean that?)

So anyway, yep, I am that person. I behave like I have been caused actual physical harm when I see examples of Apostrophe Abuse.  Take this, for example...

It begs the question, '£1's what are being dispensed?'

But what follows delighted me.  I admit, as we drove behind this vehicle I was bracing myself for a good old bridle at any incorrect apostrophe usage.  But I do believe they have done a good job on that score.  What amused me enormously was why they felt the need to abbreviate every use of the three letter word  'and' -  but wrote out, in full, 'Roast Pork with stuffing & apple sauce'.

Gonna get me a lovely cup of Tea'n'coffee.  Mmmm, delish.


Is it just me who derives enormous pleasure from this?

Surely not.
Surely not ...

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  1. After having just done a juice diet for three days, all I can think about now is CURRY N' CHIPS xx