Friday, 8 August 2014


Food.  We have so much choice these days, we really are spoilt ... for choice.  Our beloved pets get in
on the act too.  Witch (the DNBtD dog) is herself partial to a spot of Casserole with Peas and Pasta (courtesy of the good people at Winalot), which is a tad more exotic than the food I present to my children sometimes.

Here are some examples of Doggy Deliciousness that caught my eye today.

Since I like to spoil my poorly poochy all the time occasionally, some 'all natural' dog food products looked appealing.

First there was The Salmon one...

natural dog food

Yummy.  Can't afford salmon for myself but probably very good for a doggie, with its natural oils etc.

Then there was the one with Chicken and Lamb...

natural dog food

Oh very good.  Chicken and lamb in one meal.  Splendid. Witchy likes to eat chicken and lamb.

Then, moving along the freezer, the next one I saw was ...

natural dog food


Man.  That's a little dark. *

*I am just playing around.  I am quite sure this dog food is top notch and of the highest possible quality.  Of course they aren't going to make it out of puppies.  

Are they...?

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