Saturday, 13 June 2015

A WORD IN YOUR SHELL...*you will see what I did there once you've read the post :-)

a word

Words. I really like words.  I even share on this blog interesting ones I find along my merry way, just out of the goodness of my heart.  Well, so far I have shared one, but that still counts.  You have to start somewhere...

But, I say, but, today I am going to share a word I'm not entirely comfortable with. Brace yourselves.

We were given a lovely box of chocs as a gift and, as I always do when faced with this particular Seashell Shaped Belgian Confectionery, I wondered how on earth does one actually pronounce Guylian?

guylian chocolates
That little arrangement bottom right always reminds me of a squirrel

 I am not a gifted linguist (although asking in German where the tram stop is holds no fear for me) and Guylian is not a natural arrangement of letters for the average English mouth to wrestle with.

 Note to self: find a Belgian to ask.


But musings on the pronunciation of Guylian were all but  forgotten when I noticed, in the smaller type beneath, a quite appalling word.

belgian chocolate


Surely that can't be right...

...and on a box containing chocolate starfish?!? *

Is that a word?  Really?  I get the whole 'artisan' thing, but really?  Artisanal?  Nooo.

Well it quite put me off, I can tell you.  As is evident by my photograph of a completely empty box of chocolates.

do not break the dog

*That's an outright fib.  There are no starfish. Here's a comprehensive list of the shapes there really are.

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