Wednesday, 30 September 2015



I am reeling from an incident I witnessed not two days ago, which illustrated all too vividly the brevity of life.

I was standing in our 'Entrance Vestibule' - as the space between our front door and the rest of our house was somewhat grandly described in the Estate Agents tissue of lies details when we bought our house - looking for my shoes, when a Fly buzzed by.

I am irritated by Flies and their toneless buzzing, and find their life-choices re paddling around in poo baffling; but I wouldn't necessarily want any harm to befall them.

I am also terrified of irritated by Spiders and their hairy-leggedness; but I have allowed Mary to dwell on our Front Door for some months now.

I guess I'm just a bit of an old softie.
And a slovenly house-keeper.

Anyway, with Fly and Spider in close proximity, I felt some sort of warning was in order.

"Oooh, Mr Fly," I said, "Watch out for Mary the Sp....."

Too late, alas.
It all happened so fast

Literally, within a blink

I'm just hoping he was an old fly with no living friends or family

From buzzing irritant to packed lunch in a thousandth of a second.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

Keep safe people.

Don't become Mary's packed lunch.

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