Monday, 18 January 2016

Freaky Friday...

Or anyone for Fish & Chips?

Friday was an unusual day.

An early morning trip to the vets with the DoNotBreaktheDog dog saw me in the waiting room while she howled through her blood test  (apparently she was as good as gold, just 'sang' the whole time).

After staring at all the toys on the revolving stand, I was left to Read With Interest the various signs and displays on the walls.  Apparently it's Dental Month.

But what really caught my eye was a display about having your pet microchipped.  V important.  The animal has a small chip inserted under their skin and the police and other pillars of the community have a reader (each, presumably) which will help identify the pet.  Marvellous.

Helpfully, someone at the vets had cut out shapes of all the different animals you could get chipped.

They included Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs and fish.

Wait....  FISH?!?  For seriously?  What, like goldfish?

This information was rolling around my head for a while until, on the drive to work, I tuned into Woman's Hour on Radio 4.

Talk turned to the January Staple - de-cluttering your house.

Well my house is cluttered to the point of insanitary, so naturally my ears pricked up.  Apparently there is a marvellous lady from Japan who is so incredible at sorting you out that she has a 3 month waiting list.  Impressive.

And next, for the listener, she was going to demonstrate (yep, demonstrate) - with the help of a translator - how to Fold A Jumper Properly.

Is it just me or was that an odd thing to commission for a radio programme?

On to work.  I work in a Customer Services Department and a job I was given - in one of our slower moments - was Opening Resealable Bags.

That is all.

Not fill them and then re-seal them.

Just open them.
Obviously this is the 'Before' shot

I quite enjoyed it, but please tell me that's as intriguing to you as it was to me.

So anyway, that was my Friday.  Thought I'd share.


  1. I'm stuck half way through this post. Still struggling to comprehend how one would go about micro chipping a fish. And then the bags?! Freaky Friday indeed.