Friday, 29 January 2016

It's a Pea Souper!

It's not, I'm just going to be talking about soup

We took the family out for a meal on New Year's Day - starting, we decided, a New Tradition.

Our Waiter was thoroughly charming and, after he took our drinks order, he ran through the day's 'Specials' and informed us of anything they'd run out of.

(This will probably be better if you say it aloud).

", finally... the Duck Starter is sold out, and our Pea today is Soup.

No, wait...that doesn't sound right..Our Soup today is Pea.

Actually, that doesn't sound much better does it?  Sorry... 


I was beside myself.  
And continued to be so for many hours.
Much to the delight of my family.


  1. You know, I never fancied pea soup. And I love soup. Of course, I fancy it even less now ...

  2. PEASOUP!!! WOAH! I have never heard of it until now..CRAZY!

  3. I love how offbeat that post was! I'm following you now!