Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Dog

The Dog

Yes, The Dog !    At last, I got around to writing something about the hound for whom this Blog is named.

'Don't Break the Dog!' is a cry often heard in our homestead.  With three children, a relatively small space

and a dog that has already cost us upwards of, ooh, about a squerchillion pounds on vets' bills, we are slightly obsessively keen that no further damage is inflicted.

So, please, read our story on my 'The Dog (Don't Break It) page.

If you want to, of course : - )

Note:  The dog gets plenty of rough and tumble and normal dog stuff. It's the slightly more extreme stuff we draw the line at.


  1. What are your kids doing to the Dog?? :)

    1. Ha Ha! Nothing really - just youthful high spirits, you know how it is. I just didn't want to give the impression we were really precious over our poochie.
      But you knew that, you clever thing xxx