Saturday, 10 March 2012

Well I Never Said We Were Cool...

Part Two in my occasional series of 'We Did It First' or 'Things We Invented'.
I admit it is on the same theme, but I felt it worthy of inclusion.

I recently introduced the world to our fabulous 'Sci-Five' and would now like to include in this particular Hall of Fame the

(Beautifully demonstrated by my children Nos. 2 & 3)


 I know, it's great isn't it? And so easy to execute. Simply go in as if making a regular High-Five and stop just short of making contact. 'Hover' for a moment, and there you have it! The Hover-Five!

Note: The Hover-Five experience may be enhanced by the simple addition of a low, humming noise - provided by the participants - for the duration of the Hover.

And here, for your delight, are the same children demonstrating the Sci-Five as mentioned in an earlier post.

We should probably get out more


  1. You are SUCH a Trekky. And all these years, I never really knew. Can you speak Klingon? Bet you can xxx

    1. Ok, I spent ages trying to find a Klingon translator so I could say 'Of course I can't'. But I couldn't find one so....Of course I can't! xxx