Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I've always wished I could crochet - ever since Junior school when one of the older girls showed me how to make a chain using just my fingers (and wool, obviously).  This kept me satisfied for a while, but there are only so many things you can do with a long single chain of wool. 
How lovely, I thought, to be able to sit in the evening and make crocheted blankets and throws for family and friends.  (Cue gazing whistfully off into the middle distance).

So last night I decided to stop my whistful thinking - and start learning. 

Luckily I had all the necessary equipment to hand, as Phase 1 of Learning to Crochet was completed some 18 months ago with the procurement of a Glossy Mag entitled 'Learn How to Crochet - It's Really Easy', or something equally misleading.

Said Glossy Mag was generous enough to include several balls of wool and a crochet hook in the cover price, and so I sat myself down and Applied Myself.

Progress was a bit slow - I seem to acquire an Attention Deficit Disorder when faced with printed instructions.  Nothing made sense.  The diagrams bore little or no relation to the tangled mess of acrylic I had hanging off my hook. 

But I persevered and eventually (i.e. after several hours) managed a small lump of crochet.

All my own work

I think my blanket-making dreams are a way off yet.

So, that was last night . . .

. . .today was a New Day and I decided Home Made Bread would be my Thing.  How lovely, I thought,  to provide family and friends with fresh and fairly nutritious loaves.

No.1 son took one look at it cooling on the side and asked if it was a 'big potato'. 
He hates potatoes.

It's clearly quite a photogenic little loaf though, because I think it looks quite good in the photo - so I won't spoil things by describing it any further.

Bread or Spud?

Tomorrow's project - TBA!

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  1. Could have sworn I put a comment on this earlier, having one of those days.
    I think the bread looks yummy! We could all learn from this, I really should make a point of trying out new things more often. I'm one of those people that HAS a beautiful, rainbow coloured crochet blanket, but I didn't make it myself. You having a laugh? What are you trying next? Think I'll give snowboarding a go ...