Thursday, 31 May 2012


Another mug photo.  I like mugs.
Best Beloved needed to be taken to  hospital the other day for a Procedure (least said, soonest mended) so I had to wait in the hospital cafe until he was ready to be driven home.

Finding the cafe was easy enough.  Locating the Way In, however, was like a Krypton Factor Aptitude Test.
But find it I did, and I purchased a small Cappucino to celebrate.

I had a bag full of books to while away the hours - covering everything from World War II to the Second World War - and, I'm very glad to say, a notebook and pen.

But why so glad about the notebook and pen? I hear you cry.

Well, the good people of the Cafe had been thoughtful enough to leave, framed on each table, a leaflet jam-packed full of information all about the Month of May.

What fun!

Now I love to read - and a list of Facts is something I could never ignore. 

So I was particularly glad to have my notebook and pen  with me, so that I might copy some of the May Facts to share with you, good reader.

Buckle-up for some Interesting Facts...

"No other month in our calendar starts on the same day of the week as the Month of May."

I was immediately sceptical, but lo and behold, they were right!  And How Interesting!  Mathemagicians will no doubt be able to explain this without breaking a sweat but, as it rightly said on the leaflet, "This is fascinating!"

Can you make it out?  Just..?

As I read on, I was amused to see that not only is May "National Moving Month" it is also "National Mental Health Awareness Month".

Can't help thinking that's no coincidence.

It's also "National Hamburger Month" - something No.1 Son would definitely get the sparklers out for.

Well, bless their hearts if they hadn't only gone and covered BOTH SIDES of the paper with Facts!  Be still my beating heart.

At this point I must admit to being a bit of a pedant - or Snotbag, if you prefer - and the following Facts had me chuckling into my coffee froth. 

(Risky, I know, picking holes in other people's writing when I bung my own here on the interweb for all to scrutinize but hey ho, in for a penny...)

"The word 'set' has the most number of definitions in the English language - " 
Fair enough.
Somewhat bafflingly, however,  this is expanded upon with the nugget, " 192 slugs have four noses".

1 down, only another 191 to go

"The average person spends two weeks waiting for a traffic light to change".

Where is this Traffic Light?!  Avoid!  Avoid!
Oh, I get their lifetime.

"Most cats are left pawed."
Hands up who's left-pawed?

Honestly, I just don't know what to say.

But why, oh why, am I such a Picky Pants, hey?

Bless their hearts, their list of facts was there to divert and amuse - and that it certainly did.

A thousand blessings upon their heads, I say -

and hereby nominate May as "National Fascinating Facts List Compilers" Month.


  1. Are most cats really left pawed, can that possibly be true my friend? And I'm sorry, but 192 slugs have four noses? I'm not even sure what that means! AND ... it's national Hamburger month?! You're just telling me this now, on 31st May?!! Okay, gotta go grab us some burgers ....

  2. I know! I know! It was a marvellous piece of literature and I enjoyed it immensely. Sorry about the late Burger Warning. x