Friday, 15 June 2012


I am feeling a little nerve-wracked because I have just published my FIRST EVER Guest Post on another Blog.  Ooooooooeerrrrrrr.

Tree with Bunting.
(For no particular reason)
My dear friend, Weezafish, was CRUELLY burgled last week and asked me to explain her subsequent Radio Silence on her Blog - and also bung a post of my own up there too. 

How very kind of her to think me fit, eh?

So, if you are intrigued, do go take a look.
If you are not, then I shall simply wish you a very happy day.

In fact - what the hey! To one and all, a Happy Day!
(I am getting quite prolific with these poems).


  1. Just doing another test as on my PC this time. Will this work? It's all too exciting. Has your art class stopped - I love hearing about it. Always mystified that so many kids are creative, then grow up and stop.

  2. Yes it worked. Hurrah. And yes, my Art club has stopped - no time to do it this term, unfortunately. Might do it again in September. That's a v good point about growing up and stopping being creative - perhaps it's time constraints that put people off. That said, there are a lot of crafters out there...

  3. Did I thank you enough for doing this awesome Guest Post for me? Possibly ... xxx

  4. Yes you surely did, my friend. But do carry on if it so pleases, it's rather nice :) xxxx