Saturday, 14 July 2012


Our Secondary school uses a 'platform' website (I have no idea) to send email message alerts and to set homework etc.

This week I got one such alert informing me that No.1 Son 'may have been marked absent' and that I should check on the website for more details.

I found a few bits of homework that should have been completed several years ago, but could I find anything on the website about attendance?  I could not. 

And so I sent the following email to his form tutor, Mr Brown*...

This is not the first time I've exchanged emails with 'Mr Brown'.  Some time ago when I was worried about work No.1 Son had missed (well someone had to be, he certainly wasn't) - I sent him the following email...

To which he, very promptly, replied...

Mrs Phillips, eh?

Unable to resist, I returned this...

I do not think he found me very amusing.

So, bearing that in mind, when Mr Brown sent me the following reply to my earlier email...

I resisted the temptation to reply...

(I am overlooking the unconventional spelling of 'surprised' in the hope that any similar typos of mine might be forgiven.    And, heaven knows, he's probably ready for his 6 weeks holiday.)

*Name has been changed to protect me and No.1 Son from backlash


  1. Oh dear, does not instill a lot of confidence does it ??? I love your 'Mr Green' and the fact he chose to ignore it....very funny

  2. Bless 'em eh, they're only human. I'm pretty sure they weren't when I was at school :) Does make me laugh when the kids are given spelling tests though. Hey ho.
    As for the 'Mr Green' - I expect I have a black mark by my name in the school Staff Room, and a note saying "trouble-maker".

  3. "Dear Mr Green
    I'm suprised you're a teacher, you don't seem to kow much"

    Some days I'm sure he wishes the school hadn't set up the email alerts that he has to answer heh heh! Funny, funny. Do you care if he has you marked down as a trouble maker? All the best Mums are you know.

    1. Oh I wish I'd written that. Do I care that I might be marked down as a trouble-maker? We-ell, nope. No, that's not true...I am tragically needy and want to be liked :)

  4. There's me getting worried over apostrophes! I looked into teacher training a few months ago and you need qualifications in science, maths and english. Perhaps a profound knowledge of Jane Austen is prized over basic spelling these days - assuming Mr Colour knows who Jane Austen is? He's probably looking for her on the register and marking her as absent - or should that be abcent?

  5. AAAAArgh! Should that be"months'"?