Friday, 21 December 2012


... Or, Not Now with the Bad Back!

I just know you are feeling my pain - although hopefully not in a literal sense.

You know what they say about the best laid plans..?  Well this week was all sorted - Mr W (thankfully on leave from work)  and I were going to prepare the house and all the bits for Christmas in a relaxed and orderly fashion...and then enjoy the time off with the kids.


Then last Thursday (and I'm talking about December 13th, not yesterday) I bust my back.  Not doing anything worthy or even glamorous.  Nope.  Scooping the poop* in the back garden.

*From the dog, I hasten to add.

I admit I struggled to be positive.  Silver linings were eluding me entirely.  Then I realised, laid up in bed, that I could revisit my 'Secret Army - The Complete Box Set' Happy Place.

Silver lining came shining through.  Man I love that series - It's so old now, but still great.  When I get a mo I will bung the whole shebang in my Hall of Heroes, you see if I don't.

Balance is very nearly restored now - I am moving around, albeit still a little more gingerly than usual.  Loads to catch up on, of course, since I've got a grand total of nothing done - and I have had to cancel plans to decorate a Christmas cake with two of my dearest pals.  But at least I managed to make some bits for them to plop on the top.

Daughter Aged 9 made the Snowman. 
Loving his dilated pupils.

Christmas Day is very nearly upon us and I am doing my darndest not to get embroiled in my usual Manic Cleaning Everything Has To Be Perfect For Christmas Day madness.  Heaven knows my house isn't perfect any other day of the year, and a dicey back is not to be trifled with.

Nope, I am going to make sure I spend some time squinting at our tree (so the lights look super-twinkly) and drinking in the smells of elderly tinsel and Mulled Wine scented tealights.

If you'll permit, I would also like to share my Daughter Aged 9's Nativity Scene. 
It's a tad unconventional, I fancy.

Or do they always include a pirate, a snowman, a one-eared cow and some pigeons?

Happy Holidays!


  1. Hello my lovely! SUCH a treat to see so many of your awesome little folk in one post, how gorgeous are your cake decs?! Any idea how awesome your cake shop would be? If you had one. Which you so should! Loving the nativity scene too, with the extra characters. And why not? x

    1. I would LOVE a cake shop. Cake decorations at least :)
      Glad you like me wee folk, I couldn't resist bunging them in xxx