Friday, 22 March 2013


...Or...Weirdest Game of Pooh-Sticks
My walk home from town involves a rather lovely stroll over a common.  A river runs through it, and that river is traversed by two bridges.  (Gosh, I could write for Lonely Planet).

There are ducks, and swans, and moorhens, and even the occasional rat (which is fun) but - getting to the point (and I assure you I do have one) ...
... As I was crossing the first bridge last weekend, there was a pair of adult women with a young girl who were preparing to play pooh-sticks.

'Ready?' asked one of the women.

'Ready!' cried her companions.

'One...two...three..!' continued the first woman,  'Pooh-Sticks! DO NOT DROP THE HAMSTER INTO THE RIVER!'

Quite the strangest statement I heard all day.  Good advice though.


  1. Ha! Was there a larger-than-pooh-stick splash just after it was shouted?! Bit worried about that hamster now :)

    1. I am going to say that the hamster is fine. Because that is what I want to believe :-) x