Thursday, 22 January 2015


word for you letter box oldWords.  Ain't they great?
Indeed, Mr W and I first bonded over a Dictionary. (That sounds rude and it really wasn't).

We'd sit in his office randomly dipping into his Chambers Dictionary (still not rude, so why does it sound like it is?) My how we'd laugh at some of the rich and varied words our language offers up.

We'd also derive great entertainment from running together the words at the top of the pages - you know the ones in bold.  For example the top of page 360 in our Chambers bears the gem 'Confound Conglomerate' - which I'm sure many people do. Page 966 has 'Liberty Lick' - which sounds like a porn star.
I imagine.

It may be that we are a particularly dull pair, but don't be too quick to judge. When the next tornado warning goes off - along with your torch, pets and canned goods - be sure to grab a chunky old dictionary.  Hours of entertainment, I tells yer.  Hours.

Anyhoo, here's a new word I was previously unfamiliar with.  And I so wanted to share...


Marvellous, isn't it?  Lovely to say.  Over and over if necessary.  Bibulous .... BIBulous ....

It means: "adj Addicted to strong drink; absorbent of liquid (from the Latin bibulus, from bibere to drink)".

Do use it whenever and wherever you can.  In context if possible, but don't let a little thing like that dampen your creativity.

'My, what bibulous Brussel sprouts you have cooked, Grandmama' works just as well as, 'I fancy my Maths teacher may be a tad bibulous'.

I, for one, shall be inserting my new-found word into everyday conversation as often as possible.
And when I find more exciting and unusual words you will be the first to hear them.

You are welcome :-)

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